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Do you struggle with difficult emotions?


Is managing interpersonal relationships with those closest to you sometimes difficult.


Do intimate relationships always seem to be hard to get “right”?


Do you ever struggle with sexual issues, and wonder if that aspect of your life isn’t the way it should be?


Is there something in your life, such as specific behavior, or habit, that would be very troublesome to some part of your life if anyone knew about it? 


Issues don’t have to be “addictive” to be a problem. You may be thinking that something in your life is causing difficulties, or worse, someone around you may be telling you that it is.


Sometimes, trying to figure these things out can be difficult. At NAJ Consulting Inc., we understand the process of how to do this and recognize the inherent difficulties that lie with that process. We offer a variety of services ranging from psycho-logical assessment, treatment planning, individual counseling, (via in person, and SKYPE), and group therapy services. If you are curious about our services, please feel free to email us at contact@ NAJ consulting.com to discuss our confidential and comfortable treatment programs further.

This website is under construction. Please be patient as we complete this process. Feel free to use the contact information listed in the righthand side bar if you would like to get in touch with us.



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